Mortgages Made Easy! Use Local Lenders.

Why use a local lender?

You would not use a real estate agent who lived in another state, so why would you work with an out of lender for your mortgage loans.
Getting a mortgage with non local lenders and large banks can be a task that is frustrating, time consuming and wrought with communicating papers back and forth, to make sure your lender has the correct, up to date, and accurate facts. No doubt you have bee tempted to use those companies that promise, no closing costs, no fees, answers in one hour. Just like everything else, buyer beware. Most of these companies can promise you anything, but can they deliver when you need quick service, answers fast or even to meet deadlines that are the same day, the solution to these problems is simple, use a trusted local lender.

Local lenders know the real estate market, they are familiar with local prices, what homes sell for, and they are available quickly. Most lenders live where they are trying to lend, they have children who go to the local school, and they can discuss various other market differences. Why would you call a lender across the country who has no idea where you are, what the local market is doing. Some lenders are in a different time zone and shut down at five. Most local lenders are more competitive in the interest rate, closing costs and other fees associated with getting a mortgage. Our Choose A Home Team Members are happy to recommend the following trusted lenders.

Local Lenders

Nick Russo Nick consistently goes over and above helping our clients fix problems with credit, working with underwriters, and making use closings go smoothly. He takes pride in a personal touch and works with all types of mortgage loans. VA, Conventional, FHA and VHDA Loans. Ask Nick about a $100 gift card just for getting a 2nd opinion from him.

Bobby Ashburner Bobby partners with us and teaches the lending portion of our free 1st time homeowners class, approved by the VHDA. His area of expertise includes fixing lower credit scores and working with 1st time buyers to navigate the paperwork. Many times, after hours he has answered his phone and helped the client with the questions they may have had. Bobby takes pride in all of his transactions from first time buyers to a million dollar beach homes and investors buying multiple properties.

Brian Lacey Brian has the flexibility to work with people who have out of the ordinary debt ratio situations. He has been able write mortgages for people who already have debt from other investments but good provable income. Helping clients that may not qualify with other lenders. He also can help those with less than perfect credit. He often has helped those who were turned down by other companies purchase a home.

In conclusion, despite the hype of out of state or big box and online lenders, it makes sense to use a local lender. You will be surprised at the high level of service and savings both in time and money you will have.

Reminder! Interest rates and home prices are starting to climb so let’s get started!

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