Know The Neighborhood Walk Score Before You Choose A Home, it is about not needing a car or a public transportation.

Choose one of our team Realtors you should know your neighborhood walk score as part of your selection process.

Neighborhood walk score will be explained by one of our team Realtors. Since the costs of transportation is high on the list of household expenses. Walk Scores refers to the walk ability of a home’s location. It uses an algorithm to determine a walk score based on several factors. Such as the distance from an address to the closest amenities. The primary ones are shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, basic needs and more. Helping potential home owners determine what their transportation cost would be in both time and money for any given location

Walk Scores reflect what may be a major concern to some prospective homeowners. Originally this scoring system started in 2007 Walk Score had a mission to promote walk friendly neighborhoods as an answer to the problems pertaining to environmental health and the economy.

Your homes Walk Score is an indication of  your locations efficiency. When choosing a home Consider the distance and commute time to work, school, shopping and other frequent destinations from the home. Commuting options in the Walk Score may include walking, biking, driving or public transit.

What is the walkability of your potential neighborhood and surrounding areas?  Is public transportation easily attainable?  Answers to these questions are then factored into a Walk Score index that then can be associated with a home’s value.  Several independent studies have shown a correlation to higher home values with above average walk score numbers.

Contact one of our Real Estate Agents today to find a home with a walk score that is right for you.

How Neighborhood Walk Scores Work

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