Take Our First Time Home Buyer Class.

Home buying, come and learn the process to purchase a House from start to finish.

The home buyer class for the new home buyer is free and hosted by our team. This home buying class makes a great starting point for you or any future home buyer. Our classes are about learning the home buying process. Some will be able to get the backing of the Virginia Housing and Development Authority.

We make it possible for a first time buyers to get an affordable home loan with little or no money down.

Veterans and active duty Military will learn about VA home Loans. Why use the VA and VHDA home loan programs? They are designed to increase the ability to buy a home with little or no money down. You will learn more at our home buying class.

The Choose A Home Team provides this home buying class free to any potential home buyer interested in buying a home. Here is a little first time home buyer fact for you. People who have not owned a home for three years often qualify as a first time buyer. Also Veterans are seldom aware that eligibility is an amount and not a house. If you are a Veteran be sure to ask about this in class. Those who attend will enjoy learning the steps to owning a home of their own.

Everyone who has not purchased or sold a home in the last few years should attend a Home Buyer Class. The real estate market over the last several years  has been constantly changing.

We invite you to attend our class even if you only want to learn about how Real Estate has changed.

The Choose A Home Team Home Buyer Class is Provided For Free!

We try to do a class once a month usually on a Saturday morning you can attend a live home buyer class. Come and get your questions answered about home ownership answered in person.  Our Home Buying classes are taught by professionals. The most important is a Realtor and a Mortgage Lender.  Other trainers will be a Home Inspector and a Title Company. Use the link provided below to register for the Free Class.

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