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Discover Coastal Virginia

Coastal Living At Its Best

Would you like to find out what all the hype about Coastal Virginia is?

Our Beautiful South Eastern Region is a neighbor to our capital Washington DC. The South East Region also Borders Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia.

Most are familiar with our popular Resort and family friendly city  Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is well known for vacation beach homes on the Atlantic Ocean.

The state of  Virginia is large with so much to see and do.  Enticements include our beautiful mountains, beaches and historic sites. Continuing with new infrastructure, nature trails, sports arenas, music venues, art and a lot of places for foodies. Many people love to participate in  eating at the vast array of culinary options!

Have you visited Virginia recently and fallen in love with Virginia Beach? Think about the purchase of a beach vacation home and enjoying more of the beach lifestyle? 

Are you already a Virginian?  Do you know a home buyer or home seller in need of our real estate services?  Maybe you an active member of the United States military community, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or a military veteran?

Would you like to meet with one of us to discuss how and when to buy a home?

Realtors on The Choose A Home Team of Howard Hanna want to help them or you through the home buying process, starting first by helping you  Decide if it’s Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk or anywhere else in Coastal Virginia that you might have interest in.

Check out more.

Want to ‘Live the Life’ of a Virginia Beach resident?  Who can blame you?  People come here from afar to vacation and dream of settling here.  We are lucky – come check out why you should be one of us.

Do you enjoy the arts? Then you will find camaraderie at VB! We have our own Vibe Creative District – it’s close to the beach and is blossoming with artists and vendors who want to share their passions with people who appreciate their talents. Take a look.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is a renowned private non profit institution raising awareness about the significant art of current times.  More about this award winning establishment.

Music lovers have it good here!  Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Gary U.S. Bonds, Clarence Clemons, Bruce Hornsby, Missy Elliot, and many more famous artists are from VA.  Concert goers.

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