First Time Home Buyer Programs, First Time Home Buyer Class

Home Buyer Class Offered By Our Team At Howard Hanna For Military Buyers And Those Needing Down Payment Assistance 

The Real Estate Market has changed over the past several years.

Our team would like the opportunity to bring you up to speed.

The basics of a home being sold by one party to another buyer remains the same. Our team at Howard Hanna will guide you through the changes. Most people understand the basics. This first time buyer class explains the process from start to finish.

One Home Buyer, one House, one Seller. Simple transaction right?

Well it is, if you have proper guidance, in the past that came from Mom and Pop. The complication comes as the market has drastically changed between 2006 and 2016 making advice based on their experience less reliable than in generations past. We know they are still looking out for your best interest, so invite them to attend the Home Buyer Class with you. They may ask the best questions.

 Lending has also changed mostly for the good.

You will learn about low or no money down programs available Even if is not your First Time Home. Learn the guidelines to keep you on budget as well as using forward thinking when selecting a property.

Foreclosures and Short Sales.

These went out of control with most people not understanding what they really are as to the real estate market and how the affect pricing and many only qualify for cash or conventional buyers.

Online Real Estate Websites.

Other than the websites of actual agents and brokers tend to have inaccurate information about value and availability. Websites like this pull data from many places and sort it to best reflect on them having the best inventory of homes. Market time reflects in their data as taking a long time to sell partially because they show Short Sales and Foreclosures in these statistics which can take 6 months to over a year to sell.

A fairly well priced traditional sale can be off the market in a matter of days or weeks.

The most misleading of online listings that Real Estate Agents and Realtors hate is the pre-foreclosure. What is a pre-foreclosure? Well you as a potential home buyer might think, more homes to choose from. The bottom line pre-foreclosure properties are not for sale and still belong to someone. Labeling a home as a pre-foreclosure is to us as bad as labeling every female born as pre-pregnant. A pre-foreclosed home is not a home for sale and should not be marketed as such.

Our Real Estate Agents And Partner Lenders Teach The Home Buyer Class. The Class Is Designed To Help Buyers Achieve A First Time Home.

Class Schedule varies and is usually the third Saturday of the month.

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