The Home Swap Concept is Growing


Low inventory of homes has opened the door to creativity


Recent times have created a need for homes with a work or study space. Parents are now working from home sharing space with children learning from home.

Many families are finding they need more space inside and out in a time where inventory is low, this can be challenging. We also have a large number of older homeowners that would normally down size staying where they are. The Choose A Home Team is working hard to help both groups navigate the Real Estate Market we are currently in.


Solutions Available for Home Buyers and Sellers


Every home buyer or seller has a unique situation that needs first to be conveyed to our team. Once we have an understanding of your situation, we can start working out a solution for you.

Some tools we can work with are Rent Backs / Possession Agreements / Home Swaps and STR arrangements.


Are You Ready for A Change?


Contact either Don Maclary or Susan Kent we would love to discuss your needs and offer a plan to get you into a more suitable home. As always you can expect excellent service from The Choose A Home Team.