Singles Choice Pay or Get Paid?

Singles in their 30’s who pay rent for a room are now starting to  Get Paid!


Singles have been off to a slow start by thinking planting roots would be too restrictive. Hence they have paid way too much in rent to others with no plans to relocate away from family, friends and jobs. This has slowly but surely started to change the tide from a rent mentality to an own mentality. 

Younger single people in the work force are now starting to wake up. They have previously been content living at home or renting a room from someone else. This trend is still continuing with some small changes. Now Millennial’s are starting to buy property for themselves and rent out rooms to others covering the cost of the home. Singles have been more interested in their job, traveling and hanging out. 

Singles now looking at the great job they have with virtually nothing to show for it, Millennial’s are now starting to invest in Real Estate.

In Coastal Virginia known as the 757 area, homes are comfortably priced and paired with currently low rates. What this really means is the cost is less to own then rent a medium priced like property. This equates to investment opportunity for the vast majority of an average worker. 

Our team is excited about helping the Millennial sector turn this trend around. The bubble they may have grown up in when their parents may have had a bad experience tainted what was always the American Dream.

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