New Millennial Game Plan

Changes in the Millennial Game Plan toward elbow room and paying attention to social distance.

To the dismay of our previous generations wondering why the millennial focus has weighed heavily on travel and entertainment. Instead of relationships, family and financial security. World wide fear over Corona virus and major shut downs has them questioning dorm style living and traveling around the world. Moving quickly to more traditional lifestyles. By default this change will create a more financially stable future for them.

The future for the Millennial generation is starting to look the same as other generations, planting roots, job security, home ownership and family.

Because Corona Virus is spreading through global travel and large crowds with crowded places being hot spots. Causing a major health crisis shutting down sporting events and bars has become a major wake up call. Reality has set in that small home gatherings allow for social distancing and elbow room. This allows socializing while having a few drinks with friends and spending less.

On the upside we as a country will get through this period of time. Every generation has been left with a scar of some kind and this will be a big one.

What we will learn from this health crisis. And most of all what we choose to do with what we learned will set the tone for what our future will be. The truth is we all come together in hard times this however becomes difficult when social distancing is so important.

As we cautiously start to venture out and about, think about taking advantage of the market as well as your free time and shop for a home with one of our experienced Realtors

Consider getting yourself a home where you can entertain a small group of friends and stay out of large crowds.