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Choose A Home Team Leader with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. Hampton Roads is a mix of long time locals, Active duty Military, Veterans and others who have decided to retire beautiful Virginia Beach or one of our other inland cities. Members of our team and myself love helping families transition through their changing housing needs. We thank you all for your never ending support and look forward to serving you with your next real estate transaction.
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Virginia Beach – Safest City in 2020

The number one concern on everyone’s mind today is safety and security.

The issues with the COVID-19 virus, the spread, testing, treatment and vaccine have many people insecure about what is in store for the future.

The lock-downs, and restrictions associated with the mitigation of the spread of this disease has been difficult. Lock-downs have affected our mental health, as well as the economy, and personal finances. If this were not enough, recent events regarding Civil Rights, have also had people on edge regarding safety and security. But, there is some good news for the city of Virginia Beach.  According to SmithAdvisor, a study recently conducted showed that Virginia Beach is the safest city crime rate for large cities, in the US. They studied 3,383 cities, and ranked them buy size and crime rate. VA Beach is a large city (population over 100,00) and has the lowest crime rate of violent crime (1.3/1k), and property crimes (17.4/1k) for cities of this size. This equated to a total score of 35.8, the lowest of all the cities studied.

What does this mean for the residents and visitors to this area?

We can proudly say that Virginia Beach, VA is #1 in the country. We have the beaches, great schools and colleges, workforce, and access to other highly desirable amenities. This makes it a great place to live, work, vacation and play. Knowing that our city is a safe place makes all of the above even more desirable as a place to live or vacation.

See Where Data Came From

Trying to decide what city to move to?

Would you like more info about living in Virginia Beach?

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Recent Events Have Changed the Real Estate Market

The Coronavirus pandemic has left people in a changing Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Market Changes may affect people both ready to buy of sell a home. With serious concerns about the future of the Real Estate Market and how it will work for them. Open houses have gone to “virtual tours”, sight unseen buyers are becoming more common. Some buyers are waiting due to fears of “catching the virus” by using someone’s door knob, etc. This is a legitimate concern, which in the future may indeed change how the real estate market works. To discuss a plan for you just ask us.

 However, some of these changes like following social distancing may be beneficial to everyone. I will outline the home of the future, and if you are a buyer or seller how this may affect your decision to enter the real estate market.

If you are a Home Buyer, here are some of the “futuristic characteristics” of the average home:

  1. More space for multi-family living, either for parents, children or even renting a room for extra money. The in-demand home will have extra bedrooms, basements, rooms over garages, or any other unused space, that can be converted to a bedroom. An extra bathroom can also be lumped into this category.
  2. To go along with this thinking, an extra space that can be converted back and forth for multi-purpose use is also a plus. This includes, as an example, if you are now working at home, a room, that is an office by day and a dining room by evening, might be of interest.
  3. Fully equipped homes that include, home security, panoramic WIFI, Bluetooth, streaming abilities, internet enabled devices, and other computer managed apps or devices that can control lighting, heat, air-conditioning, even turn on the oven.
  4. COVID 19 related concerns for safety starting with Social Distancing incorporating into the Real Estate Market. Sanitation and security will remain high on the list for buyers and sellers. Easily cleanable surfaces, use of disposable items (once a no-no) are now becoming the new norm. Self-cleaning toilets, rumba- like robots to automatically clean floors, futuristic appliances that monitor levels of food in the refrigerator, automatically set the microwave or oven to the right cooking length and temp are becoming more common.

If you are a Home Seller it might be the time to:

  1. Showcase your home by highlighting the some of the features discussed above, such as
  • Extra rooms that can be used for multi purposes
  • Installing a security system, or a Ring doorbell
  • Emphasize the cleanliness of the home, change air filters, keeping a log of how the home has been sanitized, i.e. a log book of cleanings, displaying and have available hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and offer masks during showings or open houses
  • Use a staging service that can show the versatility of a multi-use room.
  1. Offer as an incentive: Possibly,
  • A top to bottom house cleaning service upon move-in
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Singles Choice Pay or Get Paid?

Singles in their 30’s who pay rent for a room are now starting to  Get Paid!


Singles have been off to a slow start by thinking planting roots would be too restrictive. Hence they have paid way too much in rent to others with no plans to relocate away from family, friends and jobs. This has slowly but surely started to change the tide from a rent mentality to an own mentality. 

Younger single people in the work force are now starting to wake up. They have previously been content living at home or renting a room from someone else. This trend is still continuing with some small changes. Now Millennial’s are starting to buy property for themselves and rent out rooms to others covering the cost of the home. Singles have been more interested in their job, traveling and hanging out. 

Singles now looking at the great job they have with virtually nothing to show for it, Millennial’s are now starting to invest in Real Estate.

In Coastal Virginia known as the 757 area, homes are comfortably priced and paired with currently low rates. What this really means is the cost is less to own then rent a medium priced like property. This equates to investment opportunity for the vast majority of an average worker. 

Our team is excited about helping the Millennial sector turn this trend around. The bubble they may have grown up in when their parents may have had a bad experience tainted what was always the American Dream.

Contact a member of The Choose A Home Team Now


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Thanksgiving Tradition With Family

Watching a Thanksgiving movie made us think about our family.

If you think your family is somewhat messed up it probably is, Most are in one way or another. So please be thankful and spend time home with family this holiday season. You may enjoy your visit with family more if you watch this movie first.

Thankful for my Family

is a newly released movie available on Amazon. This comedy movie shares the ups and downs of family gatherings around Thanksgiving. In addition this movie is special to us for several other reasons. The most obvious is that this is the time of year when people get together to make memories, share stories, and otherwise catch up with family and relatives they may not have seen in a while.

For many people, this tradition carries on down thru the generations. This movie’s theme is part of these memories to me. My family always had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we always had Uncle Fred with his political views, cousin Ray with his latest escapades with the law (he is a cop), and Granny recalling the last World War. But this is what makes Thanksgiving what it is. Having a place to call home, is a top priority for a lot of people. It is too late for this Thanksgiving, but if you wanted to start making holiday memories, you have time to find your Christmas home. Closing can be done in less than 30 days, so if this is your dream for this year or next give us a call. We have a track record of finding the right home homes in just a few days.

  Now let’s get back to the movie

The second reason that this movie is special. Two of the homes that were featured in this movie were sold by The Choose A Home Team. One of my clients rented her beach property to the production crew for them to film the inside scenes. You might also note that the beach scene was filmed at Croatan Beach. My own home was also featured in the last scene, but it was too dark to see the lake. The credits at the end refer to our properties.  It gives me pride to think that they chose one of my properties to film a movie at.  Maybe your next home can be the setting of a future movie?  Look what Santa did in the movie, Miracle on 34th St. You never know.

The Choose A Home Team Would Like To Wish You And Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving!

Start a new tradition by hosting a family gathering in a home of your own.

Contact our team about a new home for the holiday

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Open House For Realtors Not Buyers

Open House – Today is more for Realtors® than buyers and sellers!

Online Information has a good side and a bad side. Lots of information with no training can be a budget disaster!

As Realtors® today we see that an open house is often thought of by a customer as a way to avoid  contact with a Realtor.

The open house way of thinking customers have escapes us as Realtors®. The reason being is the customer entering any open house in a sense is walking into a lion’s den The Lion inside would be the Realtor. The purchase of a home is not made on a regular basis and it is the largest investment that most people make. Too much knowledge is available without the training on how to use it leaves many home buyers at risk. Pretty much everyone knows what a lawyer is and does. Lawyers negotiate legal disputes between multiple parties. If you were to ask a large group of people if they would use the same lawyer as the person they have the dispute with. You would have an instant response of NO! 

Lawyers Negotiate and Realtors Negotiate

Everyone understands that they want their own lawyer to protect their interests. So why do home buyers walk into an open house and engage in conversation with a Realtor who negotiates for the seller. Mostly because they think they can save money. This theory is mostly wrong because once a home is on the market the seller agreed to pay the commission. An open house is a way for the sellers Realtor® to negotiate against you and keep both halves of the commission, In most cases the seller signs upfront to pay both Realtors® Yours and theirs. So why would you want your opponents agent negotiating on your behalf when they are obligated to the seller.


Select a Realtor® to represent you before attending any open houses. 

Once you select a Realtor® you can look at houses on your schedule and save a huge amount of time. Using professional tools instead of watered down public sites you can look at only those homes that meet your criteria. At the same time your Realtor® is obligated to get you the best deal and be paid by the seller.

Stay Out Of The Lions Den

You should look at homes with your Realtor® who works for you at no expense to you. Maybe most importantly at a time that works for you!

Can You Guess Who Is Taking The Lead Toward The American Dream?



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Choose Agent Susan Kent As Your Realtor – Why

Could You, Someone You Know Be A Home Buyer Ready To Relocate, Embark On A House Purchase Or Lifestyle Change?

Coincidentally, you have company if you have wanted to enhance the living situation for yourself or your family. Agent Kent tells folks wanting to buy property in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Coastal Virginia to narrow down a location.  Are you hoping to buy immediately or in a couple of months?  Are you a military veteran or active duty Military with new orders to a new location?  Relocate to attain the quality lifestyle so important to you.  Did someone you know and trust refer you to choose Susan Kent, accomplished Realtor® with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services? Susan Kent (AKA Agent Kent) Agent of First Choice?  Then you are in good shape.

When Americans Are Asked To Describe Success Most Will Choose To Be A Home Buyer And Enjoying Homeownership

Owing to the continued status given to homeowners it remains a goal for most Americans.  Coupled with the perception that it symbolizes accomplishment.  In fact the popularity of attendees to a First-Time Home Buyer class reflects a strong desire for home purchase.  As a licensed Realtor® in Coastal Virginia Beach, I encounter a great number of people desirous of buying their first home but uncertain how to even begin.  These first-timers frequently received confusing information from well-meaning friends who were not professional real estate agents or mortgage lenders.

As a result many potential qualified buyers unwittingly missed buying opportunities and an opportunity for improved quality of life.  Advice that Susan shares with those she cares about is to always seek out career professionals in any specialty industry be it healthcare, law, real estate, technology, etc. for what you need to do.  Critical information to have is if and what you are qualified to buy.  Qualified for a first-time loan or VA Military loan for a first, second or additional home?  Susan Kent can connect you with her strong lending business partners to assist.

Choose Susan Kent, licensed REALTOR ® top producing agent with the Choose A Home Team of Howard Hanna to be your professional guide to real estate.  Do not pass up your piece of the American Dream of Homeownership! 

Ready Buyer or Seller To Move To A New Home?

Over the years Susan Kent has been introduced to numerous aspiring first-time home buyers who previously gave up on their dream of owning a home.  That is, until they finally connected with Top Producing Real Estate Agent Susan Kent!  In general, after Susan spoke with those new clients she discovered a majority shared something in common.  A novice buyer may look at advertisements online for townhouses, condominiums or single family homes in all of Coastal Virginia.  Similarly, they may have heard about random neighborhoods surrounding Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Chesapeake, Suffolk or Norfolk.  They often began their quest without clear direction or end goal in mind.

Had they asked mere acquaintances if they knew anyone that might be a home seller possibly putting up their home for sale?  Maybe they overheard somebody mentioning a neighborhood nearby.  Frequently the eager new buyer began their home search with little idea how to get started correctly.  They thought it would be quick and easy to just explore houses on their own.  Undoubtedly it sounds like a good first step right?  However, something else needed to happen first.  Hence, eager home buyers going it alone often experienced confusion.  Frustration and helplessness crept in which often led them to drop out of the buying process.

For A Different Outcome Contact Seasoned Realtor Susan Kent Before Doing Anything

To be fair even seasoned home buyers and home sellers have been known to wave their arms in the air for help.  In fact, most people who have already owned property know they need an agent.  Homeowners likely are not real estate professionals.  Instead, they may be professionals in their own specialty.  Given this, it is not surprising that they feel unqualified.  Under these circumstances, navigating alone buying or selling and getting off the starting block will be slow with trip hazards.

Top Producing Agent Susan Kent, Licensed REALTOR® In Coastal Virginia

As with most things, creating a plan is the best method to ensure efficiency and optimal outcome.  Finding an expert Coastal Virginia REALTOR® uniquely qualified as your guide for real estate transactions is a crucial first step.  Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. And not all REALTORS® are of the same caliber as Susan Kent’s clients can attest to.  Susan’s clients become her RAVING FANS and continually compliment her.  Not surprising then accolades are “knowledgeable, super, detail-oriented, outgoing, professional, knows her stuff, great negotiator”.  Also, “When Susan tells you something listen, really caring, personable, the best REALTOR, part of the family, great friend, intelligent, strong” and more.

Google: Choose Agent Kent

Many of Agent Kent’s clients have written raving reviews about her professionalism, integrity and personal service that made their home purchase or sales so memorable.  Susan Kent regularly educates clients – she tells them that no individual person can be an expert in every occupational field.  Therefore they are not expected to know the nuances of real estate.  That is her job to know.  She points out what should be a basic expectation that everyone needs to know. Essentially, their budget.  In the same fashion, understanding the budget principle would be true to operate a business or run a household.  And of course, to begin the process of your new home.

Highlighting this point, first-time buyers striking out alone have wasted valuable time looking at homes at an unaffordable price range.  On the other hand, the same buyers may have financial means to purchase but unknowingly have credit issues that must be cleaned up.  For these reasons, connecting to a professional real estate agent with a proven record of successful real estate transactions to guide and navigate you through the wonderful, though at times complex world of real estate is a sound move.

The best choice of course is to Choose Agent Susan Kent, licensed REALTOR® as Your Agent of First Choice Every TimeBecome one of Susan’s RAVING FANS!

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Choose Howard Hanna – The Choose A Home Team

Why home buyers and sellers Choose Howard Hanna and The Choose A Home Team of Realtors in Coastal Virginia.

Howard Hanna is extremely well known for quality real estate service. Clients choose our team of Realtors for their house purchase or sale based on previous transactions or referrals from others. Our Team provides service above and beyond the industry standard. Agents on our team answer and return calls promptly, and we are able to meet the needs of our clients busy schedules. Realtors on our team are flexible, assisting  our clients in Coastal Virginia from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to Suffolk.

When you are ready to make a house purchase or need us to professionally market your house for sale please give one of us a call.

You make a home purchase or sell a home only a few times in a lifetime. So when you are exposed to all the massive advertising it is very easy to become overwhelmed.

For the First Time Buyer

We offer a free class as well as a one on one appointment with one of our class trainers. We go over the process for a stress free experience and explain some of the low or no money down programs that are available.

For the Military Buyer

This is by far one of the best choices where the Military gives you money and you choose between renting a place or owning a place.

For the family that needs more or less space due to life changes

There are times when the family has a substantial change in size. You may have found out you are about to have twins and need more space. Or your youngest child just graduated, got married and moved away.

Sit down with one of us to figure out a game plan. Some will benefit by choosing to stay in the same house and possibly just refinance your house. Others may keep the small house they out grew as a passive income producer for future retirement.

For those who just have a house they need to sell

It takes target marketing to get a house sold. Sit down with one of our Realtors to discuss the process with you.



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Single Family Houses Make Good Rentals

Rentals Are Everywhere!

A Townhouse or Condo for rent is easy to find, a Single Family House not so much.

Many who rent today crave the features  home owners enjoy in single family  houses, a garage, yard and elbow room. They typically need single family rentals.

Sue Maclary with our team is a class trainer on purchasing houses, as well as assisting those not ready to purchase a house secure a rental in Virginia Beach. 

Do you want to rent a single family house in Virginia Beach contact Sue Maclary for assistance.

Is the reason you rent a place instead of purchasing a house of your own that you think you can’t afford one? 

More often than you might think it costs more to rent a like kind house then it costs to purchase it.  If you would like to learn more about Low or No Money Down Programs  click the link and request a spot in a class.

We also have trainers on staff who would be happy to meet one on one at a convenient time to explain the process to you.

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Who Is Choosing The American Dream? Women 35 – 55

Women between thirty-five and fifty-five Choose Home Ownership  over Renting.

Common Sense would lead you to believe the Millennial would be the largest group Purchasing Houses today.

Women home buyers between 35 and 55 are pulling ahead of all other groups when it comes to Choosing the American Dream of Home Ownership. For whatever reason they seem to be more interested in securing their future than any other group today. Hats off to them for having a better grip on time verses money than the Millennials  when it comes to purchasing a house. People are running to fast today not realizing how fast time goes by. Ten years can slip away way to easily in today’s world.

Choosing Home Ownership over Renting is a major step to financial stability.

Maybe this age group of women is more aware of time moving to fast. Ten years sounds like forever when looking forward, but when you look back it is gone in a flash. Ten years paying rent is equal to owning one third of a home. While the Millennial is out traveling with the plenty of time mentality, they may find themselves struggling in the future.

Our Team Greatly Appreciates all of our clients and look forward to helping many more in the coming years.

To Our 35-55 Women’s Group You are all Awesome and look forward to another great year! Thank You All.

Now To Our Millennial Clients, You Are Also Awesome and leaders of your age group. We challenge you to help us help your friends to secure their financial future.

Remember time flies and we all need a place to live in the future when we stop working. Rent goes up and Homes get paid off. We have low and no money down programs for first time buyers.

We look Forward you choosing us, Howard Hanna and The Choose A Home Team To Shop For A Home.

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Super Bowl and Your First Time Home

What does the Super Bowl and Your First Time Home Have In Common?

No matter who your home team is buying a home is a win for your family.

Buying your First Time Home is as much of a win as your home team making the Super Bowl!

You are not going to the Super Bowl unless you are an NFL player reading this. However, you could take a home buyer class and host next years party in your first time home. It is as much of a win for you as it is for your home team making the game.

Especially if you are a millennial you may be missing a key element of your financial future. This year while your enjoying the game at your friends house watching the game. You know the one you took an Uber to so you could have a good time. Think how nice it would be to host the party instead, and at the same time investing in your future. You probably played some sort of sport growing up, going to practice only to graduate and move on to working for a living.

Ok You practiced and studied and maybe even got a sports scholarship. There is no junior team that trains you to invest in your future. A select few in today’s world will get an early start investing in retirement.

The Millennial way of thinking is, Too young to worry about that!

This is the wrong answer, most of your parents have or had jobs with a pension. They own the home you lived or still live in, and have invested in retirement accounts. 

Pensions today are far and few between, Home prices continue to rise as you pay rent to pay off someone else’s mortgage contributing to that persons retirement. The Millennial gets the part of living life right but falls a little short planning for a comfortable life when they stop working.

Make Sense?

Give one of us a call to discuss a game plan that fits your timeline


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