Buying Homes in Covid-19 Times

Covid-19 Has taken a Seller Market to a Buyer and Seller Mixed Market.

Due to the Covid-19 shutdown of normal activity many things are changing in Real Estate. Buyers and sellers have both become more flexible on terms.

With historic low rates buyers and sellers both benefit.

People are changing where and how they live to Survive Covid Lock Downs. If your home is on the higher end more people will qualify due to low rates. Lower end homes are selling for top dollar, Giving the owners the ability to buy more house for the money due to a lower rate on a higher price.

We on The Choose A Home Team are seeing a Covid-19 Win – Win Market.

Some sellers are getting above full price offers during the covid-19 shutdown while others are taking any offer for fear of not getting another one. To our local crowd that loved to Travel and are no longer able to justify the risks. Welcome to the home buyer market. Renting a room has become much less attractive when you cant go out and socialize in large crowds.

Our team has seen an uptick in the desired home size.

Clients are now looking for things like backyard decks, patios, fire pits, and a yard to run around in. That is on the outside but inside they are looking for Stay AT Home Offices, Theater Rooms and Play Rooms.

Where other Realtors are scratching their heads during Covid-19 The Choose A Home Team has not stopped moving our clients in and out of homes.

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