Thanksgiving Tradition With Family

Watching a Thanksgiving movie made us think about our family.

If you think your family is somewhat messed up it probably is, Most are in one way or another. So please be thankful and spend time home with family this holiday season. You may enjoy your visit with family more if you watch this movie first.

Thankful for my Family

is a newly released movie available on Amazon. This comedy movie shares the ups and downs of family gatherings around Thanksgiving. In addition this movie is special to us for several other reasons. The most obvious is that this is the time of year when people get together to make memories, share stories, and otherwise catch up with family and relatives they may not have seen in a while.

For many people, this tradition carries on down thru the generations. This movie’s theme is part of these memories to me. My family always had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we always had Uncle Fred with his political views, cousin Ray with his latest escapades with the law (he is a cop), and Granny recalling the last World War. But this is what makes Thanksgiving what it is. Having a place to call home, is a top priority for a lot of people. It is too late for this Thanksgiving, but if you wanted to start making holiday memories, you have time to find your Christmas home. Closing can be done in less than 30 days, so if this is your dream for this year or next give us a call. We have a track record of finding the right home homes in just a few days.

  Now let’s get back to the movie

The second reason that this movie is special. Two of the homes that were featured in this movie were sold by The Choose A Home Team. One of my clients rented her beach property to the production crew for them to film the inside scenes. You might also note that the beach scene was filmed at Croatan Beach. My own home was also featured in the last scene, but it was too dark to see the lake. The credits at the end refer to our properties.  It gives me pride to think that they chose one of my properties to film a movie at.  Maybe your next home can be the setting of a future movie?  Look what Santa did in the movie, Miracle on 34th St. You never know.

The Choose A Home Team Would Like To Wish You And Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving!

Start a new tradition by hosting a family gathering in a home of your own.

Contact our team about a new home for the holiday

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Home For The Holidays!

A Christmas Gift Idea To Grow Your Family Tree

Are you starting to have thoughts of gift giving?  Have ribbon festooned gift boxes begun invading the space in your head?  Are you starting to panic?  Once again as the countdown to the holidays begin you hear the buzz everywhere Merry Christmas.  Families everywhere deciding what to get the most important people in our lives.  It may be less daunting if the focus group is kids, teens and young adults, toys and money and they’re covered. Couples on the other hand may choose to purchase a house.

But, there’s the other group.  Addressing this annual dilemma for the grownup adults close to us is quite another matter.  If you are anything like me when I am presented with the question of “What do you want for Christmas or Hanukkah (insert appropriate holiday) my answer has been much the same for a few years now.  “I really don’t need anything” or “I have everything I need”, “Please do not get me anything”  all true but not helpful.  Pitiful.  Boring.  I know it.  A pretty frustrating answer to the individuals asking.  Said individuals would just like a hint, a tip, or any little useful idea to be imparted by us!

I’ve thrown my own hands up when my friends or family have answered in kind.  Part of the reason I believe most of us commonly give this abysmal response is because we live in a “cannot wait, instant gratification” world. A world where we constantly wrestle with this widespread affliction.  It goes like this.  When We Want Something We Don’t Wait, we immediately Go  Right Out and Get It. This is applicable to the general everyday stuff.  You may be nodding and smiling.

Am I describing you? 

So, just WHAT IS IT THAT WE WANT?  Honestly, most working adults I know don’t have much to add to a wish list. They have likely picked up these items for themselves or ordered them online. The TRUTH IS the things we may still really want are the big-ticket items. Like a ‘brand new car’ or ‘a home for the family to make memories in’.  The latter is something that I can certainly help you with.  We are very busy this time of year helping clients with their holiday wish of “A New Home for the Holidays”.  If you have been musing wishful thoughts of owning A New Home For The Holidays – you are in luck.  As a Realtor on the Choose A Home Team, I would be thrilled to help make your wish come true!

By ~ Susan Kent (aka Agent Kent)

Merry Christmas! Find your way Home For The New Year!

Purchase a house for your family.

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