How Are Those Knees Handling The Stairs?

Aging Knees Create an increasing Demand Of Single Story Homes.
When Is The Right Time To Think About Logical Real Estate Choices?

Over the last several years we have seen an increased demand for single story homes, and first floor Master Bedrooms.

Our aging population does not always like this. However it but a bad knee or a hip problem are often a part of the aging process. This makes a two story home a painful difficult place to recover from something like a hip or knee replacement. Stairs are not your friend, In a home you pay for the square foot the space they take and then assume the liability for people, kids and adults alike falling down them.

Two story homes are more of a builder budget idea than a love for the design.

Every home needs a piece of land to be built on and land costs money. Therefore a piece of property large enough for a 2500 square foot ranch with a 2 car garage will often be torn down and replaced with two 2100 square foot homes with a one car garage. Now as a consequence potential clients wanting to downsize fear selling the large 2 story home they love. And not being able to find a suitable replacement.

Create A Logical Plan That Makes Economic Sense.

Everyone does not fit in the same basket as there are many factors to consider such as health, both physical and financial. The size of the family and future needs. The world of real estate is not what it was in the past leaving the smartest of people unable to make the right choices simply because they don’t know what the choices are. Many wait to they are not able to physically make any changes and wind up in places they are not comfortable with. Don’t let this happen to you set up a time to discuss logical options you may have. Free information is will often help to avoid the costly consequences of the status quo.