Where Should I Move To?

Where Should I Move? What Should I Buy?

Home Work and Study Space has become a need over want. This is changing where and what buyers are looking for.

Covid-19 Lock Downs have created an environment where many people asking themselves where should I move.

Buyers are considering things like how safe is the city and how good is the school system. Also paying close attention to proximity to outdoor activities when indoor venues become more limited. In our area Virginia Beach followed by Chesapeake are scoring high on the list. Homes with pools or near bike paths, trails and miles of beach to get exercise.

We on the Choose A Home Team are seeing traffic coming from some of the more troubled or locked down Cities. One of the main reasons for the influx to Virginia Beach is

people are are looking  for safe cities to relocate to.

Recently Travel is losing favor to owning homes with entertaining spaces.

More and more people are now working remotely, hence the question where should I move? The number one factor seems to be a desire to relocate to a more relaxed location. Choosing places with beaches and other recreation or dining options. Millennial’s are rethinking where they are spending their money.

Backyard gatherings and media room get togethers are gaining popularity. With breweries and clubs reopening people have figured out the amount of their income is spent there may be enough to buy a home.

Would You Like To Know Why People Are Moving To Virginia Beach as a Favorite Destination?

It is known first for its Beaches. Not to forget Food, Fishing, Bike Trails, Entertainment, Boating, Surfing and many other things. So if the question where should I move ran through your head more then once give one of us a call.

You will find our Realtors on The Choose A Home Team will spend time to learn about you and help you make good choices. You might enjoy a no pressure appointment with one of us if you find yourself here on vacation. Many vacationers come here and love it so much they buy a vacation or second home. (A second home is very much like a primary home that is fifty plus miles away from the primary home)

Thank You,

We look forward to assisting you with your real estate questions or needs.




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Working From Home – Beach Life

Have you found yourself working from home?

If you have you might start thinking about Beach Life and a new place to work from. Here in Virginia Beach Homes are selling at Rocket Speed. We have had many people from larger cities looking for short term rentals where they can work remotely and enjoy the beach at the same time. For some working from home might be for the near future only. However some have been looking for homes to buy because they have a work from home job already and there is nothing to do in some of the largest cities.

Beach Life has been thought of as a vacation and has always been a lifestyle.

2020 has brought the travel industry to it’s knees. The new plan for many is really decades old. This is creating sharp rise in people buying 2nd homes and vacation homes, even first time home owners. The new trend is personal entertainment spaces, home offices and dual use play / study areas.

Local to Coastal Virginia?

Take a few minutes and speak with one of us . The Choose A Home Team can find you a home that might be more suitable for your families peace of mind. As we are all finding ourselves spending time together in somewhat cramped spaces patients will sometimes run short. 

We hope everyone is doing well coping through 2020 with Covid-19 and the unrest in many major cities around the country. If you are not happy where you are talk to us about possibly relocating.

Maybe even our Luxury Market might be in your budget.




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Buying Homes in Covid-19 Times

Covid-19 Has taken a Seller Market to a Buyer and Seller Mixed Market.

Due to the Covid-19 shutdown of normal activity many things are changing in Real Estate. Buyers and sellers have both become more flexible on terms.

With historic low rates buyers and sellers both benefit.

People are changing where and how they live to Survive Covid Lock Downs. If your home is on the higher end more people will qualify due to low rates. Lower end homes are selling for top dollar, Giving the owners the ability to buy more house for the money due to a lower rate on a higher price.

We on The Choose A Home Team are seeing a Covid-19 Win – Win Market.

Some sellers are getting above full price offers during the covid-19 shutdown while others are taking any offer for fear of not getting another one. To our local crowd that loved to Travel and are no longer able to justify the risks. Welcome to the home buyer market. Renting a room has become much less attractive when you cant go out and socialize in large crowds.

Our team has seen an uptick in the desired home size.

Clients are now looking for things like backyard decks, patios, fire pits, and a yard to run around in. That is on the outside but inside they are looking for Stay AT Home Offices, Theater Rooms and Play Rooms.

Where other Realtors are scratching their heads during Covid-19 The Choose A Home Team has not stopped moving our clients in and out of homes.

Please Reach out to one of our Realtors Today


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Virginia Beach – Safest City in 2020

The number one concern on everyone’s mind today is safety and security.

The issues with the COVID-19 virus, the spread, testing, treatment and vaccine have many people insecure about what is in store for the future.

The lock-downs, and restrictions associated with the mitigation of the spread of this disease has been difficult. Lock-downs have affected our mental health, as well as the economy, and personal finances. If this were not enough, recent events regarding Civil Rights, have also had people on edge regarding safety and security. But, there is some good news for the city of Virginia Beach.  According to SmithAdvisor, a study recently conducted showed that Virginia Beach is the safest city crime rate for large cities, in the US. They studied 3,383 cities, and ranked them buy size and crime rate. VA Beach is a large city (population over 100,00) and has the lowest crime rate of violent crime (1.3/1k), and property crimes (17.4/1k) for cities of this size. This equated to a total score of 35.8, the lowest of all the cities studied.

What does this mean for the residents and visitors to this area?

We can proudly say that Virginia Beach, VA is #1 in the country. We have the beaches, great schools and colleges, workforce, and access to other highly desirable amenities. This makes it a great place to live, work, vacation and play. Knowing that our city is a safe place makes all of the above even more desirable as a place to live or vacation.

See Where Data Came From

Trying to decide what city to move to?

Would you like more info about living in Virginia Beach?

What would a low interest loan cost?


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