Our Free Home Buyer Class is key to achieving The American Dream. The Choose A Home Team is here to help you achieve that dream.

Realtor Sue Maclary Say’s Stop Paying Rent and contact one of us today! 

Our Team offers a free home buyer class taught by professionals. The Home Buyer Class is Especially recommended if you are ready to find a home for.

You will learn the process of a house purchase taught by The Choose A Home Team  at Howard Hanna in our Free Coastal Virginia Home Buyer Class. For example when you use the professional services of Top Real Estate Agents to buy a home he or she gets paid by the Seller and works for you? Before spending countless hours looking at homes for sale online, Learn the ropes to home ownership, sign up for a free home buyer class and learn the process of selecting and buying a new home. Your Home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. So don’t make your largest investment without professional help from Howard Hanna and The Choose A Home Team! Especially if you are a first time home buyer.

Investors are converting money into rental property. When in fact more people should be investing in a first time home. Instead of paying for house the investor purchased for you to rent.

Rental Property has always been an investors choice for their retirement portfolio. Please remember that every check that gets written to your landlord beefs up his or her retirement portfolio. Invest in your own future instead.

Take advantage of our first time home owner programs.

The free home buyer class also helps you understand who should buy and who should continue to rent. The Home buyer classes are short but put the entire process into perspective for you. Your Credit requirements Down payment information on different type loans, as well as the possibilities of getting down payment assistance.

Special Home Buyer Programs come go and change on a regular basis.

Taking the home buyer class will help bring you up to date information. Questions to ask a Realtor, Who by the way usually gets paid by the seller to work for you. Why to get a home inspection and what you should expect from the inspector.

You will also learn the legal side or the closing the house purchase with a lawyer or closing agent.

Look around Coastal Virginia, rentals are popping up everywhere and rent prices are climbing. When interest rates are low you can often own a similar home to the one you rent for less money per month.

On top of that if you rent for 10 years at $1200.00 a month, You paid a landlord $144,000.00 and assisted in paying off a mortgage for them. The primary objective of Rx For Home Buyers is to take the speed bumps out of the road to home ownership. Simply by educating potential home buyers on the process so they don’t put the cart in front of the horse. A smooth transaction of the right home sale makes for a happy homeowner.

Our home buyer class is not just for beginning home buyers as the market has changed so much in the last decade even experienced buyers making a second or third house purchase should take our free coarse and create a plan and timeline. Let us help you stop paying rent, or down size your home after it becomes an empty nest.

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