Welcome to the team, Ruby Nelson – Realtor

How Ruby became a Realtor

After Ruby Nelson and her husband purchased three homes with Don Maclary as their Realtor experiencing smooth transactions every time and getting good deals Ruby thought this was the way every home purchase went. One day she decided to tell her friend about how wonderful it is to buy a home and stop paying rent. Never realizing that this process was fun and stress free because of the way Don handled the transactions.

Not realizing that every real estate agent does not handle transactions the way the Choose A Home Team did, her friend selected an agent that did not provide her with the same level of service nor did she experience the fun, stress free experience Ruby and her husband had three consecutive times. Ruby has always thrived in an environment where she could help people reach their goals. Now Ruby is a proud member of the Choose A Home Team So any future people she meets who would like to buy a home will be able to share the same experience as her husband had with her as their Realtor.

Ruby is a true asset to Howard Hanna and the Choose A Home Team

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Don Maclary
Choose A Home Team Leader with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. Hampton Roads is a mix of long time locals, Active duty Military, Veterans and others who have decided to retire beautiful Virginia Beach or one of our other inland cities. Members of our team and myself love helping families transition through their changing housing needs. We thank you all for your never ending support and look forward to serving you with your next real estate transaction.