Sue Maclary
Sue MaclaryRealtor - MRP
Home Buyer Class Trainer

Sue Maclary – Realtor – Licensed in Virginia

VHDA Home Buyer Class Trainer

About Sue Maclary

To all new perspective home buyers out there, education is what you need to get started in the home buying process.  Sue Maclary, licensed Realtor, teaches the monthly RX for Home Buyers class offered free by the Choose A Home Team. 

Trying to figure out the home buying process on your own by asking friends for advice or watching HGTV? This by far is not the best idea.   Sue encourages people who are renting to take advantage of the class taught by professionals. Our Free Class is taught by real estate, lending, home inspection and closing professions.

While interest rates remain low, take the opportunity to become well informed.  Learn what you might qualify for as a First Time Home Buyer?  Find out what you can do now to reach the American dream of home ownership?  You maybe someone looking instead to sell a house but are stuck not knowing how to begin.  Attend the class and get some answers!

Unless you buy and sell real estate as a profession, the process can be daunting and pretty frightening.  Where to even begin?  What questions to ask first?  Who to contact for answers?  Attend the class!

Buying a home is a major investment that is not usually done with regularity.  People may purchase cars every couple of years and may become familiar with the process on their third or fourth auto purchase.  Thinking that the process is the same when buying a house as it is when buying a car is completely off base.  Buying a house is a much more expensive proposition when the buyer would greatly benefit from having guidance from a professional real estate agent.  That’s where Sue Maclary steps in.

She and other VHDA qualified professional instructors will educate participants of the RX for Home Buyers class by providing helpful tips on how to approach buying and selling.

Sue Maclary and the Choose A Home Team can provide interested sellers with an in-depth competitive market analysis on their current property to determine what their home may be worth given market conditions.

Those teetering on the seesaw of to buy or not to buy should contact Sue to request a seat at the next RX for Home Buyers class.  Continuing to pay rent to someone else instead of paying on your own home and investing in your own future is not the best use of your money.

Attending this free class will build your confidence to make a decision that best fits your situation.  Nothing to lose but much to gain!

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