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Home Buying Class For the Future Home Buyer.

Learn How The Home Buying Process Works.

Home Buyer classes are hosted by our team and are a great starting point for any future home buyer. Our class is about learning the home buying process. Some will be able to get the backing of the Virginia Housing and Development Authority. This program makes it possible for first time home buyers to get affordable loans to purchase a home. Those who serve or have served in the Military will learn about VA home Loans. Both of these programs are designed to help achieve home ownership with little or no money down.

The Choose A Home Team provides a free home buyer class to any potential home buyer interested in buying a home. This home buyer class has also been made available to those who have not owned a home for three years. Those who attend will learn how easy it is to become a home owner.

The reason we do this is over the last ten or so years the real estate market has completely changed. We invite you to attend our class even if you only want to learn about how Real Estate has changed.

The Choose A Home Team Home Buyer Class is Provided For Free!

We try to do a class once a month usually on a Saturday morning you can attend a live home buyer class. Come and get your questions answered about home ownership answered in person.  Classes taught by a Realtor, Mortgage Lender, Home Inspector and a Title Company Representative. Use the link provided below to register for the Free Class.

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