Award Winning Real Estate Team

Dr. Shep Praises The Choose A Home Team With 25 Smooth Transactions Several years ago, I traveled to Virginia Beach to visit the area for a second time and to get an idea of what was available in my quest for the perfect place to live in retirement. Gerry Goodman, a friend [...]

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Do You Pay $800 or More in Rent?

Anyone Who is Paying Rent Should Take A Minute And Read This! Are you tired of living with the landlords rules? More often than not people who rent rather than buy a home believe they have no other choice due to income, credit or money for a down payment. In reality when [...]

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757 Real Estate For Sale

Looking For A Home In The Coastal Virginia? Our Team is here to help you, we cover the 757 area from the Virginia Bach Oceanfront to Suffolk Get in touch with one of our Team Agents Today. We are very strong with online marketing and you are reading this so that is [...]

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How important is walkability to you

The urbanization of today’s Real Estate market is made easier by a new tool that can show you your “walk score.” Basically, walkability is an algorithm that awards points based on the distance to the closest amenity in each of several categories, Scores range from 0-100. For example, if you wanted to [...]

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Military Relocation Professionals on Team.

Military Relocation Professionals We are proud to announce that we are increasing the number of Realtors on the Choose A Home Team with Military Relocation Professional (MRP) status. What does this mean to you? It means if you are in the military our well trained professional real estate agents have you covered! [...]

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How to remove mineral stains caused by well water

Problem Stain Removal As realtor’s, we get a lot of questions from sellers regarding the best product to remove rust and mineral stains caused by well water. This is important, as a seller wants to present their home for sale in the best possible light. Home  Buyers also when they move to a [...]

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Coastal Virginia Beach Vacation

Vacation in Virginia Beach this summer in a family friendly vacation spot. Virginia Beach is packed with oceanfront hotels along the huge concrete boardwalk with all kinds of Free Entertainment, Parks,Music, Movies for kids on the beach at night, Magic Shows and much more. Not far from the resort area there are [...]

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How Are Those Knees Handling The Stairs?

Aging Knees Create an increasing Demand Of Single Story Homes When Is The Right Time To Think About Logical Real Estate Choices? Over the last several years we have seen an increased demand for single story homes, and first floor Master Bedrooms. Our aging population does not always like it but a [...]

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