Walk Score is all about not needing a car or public transit system

Since transportation costs can be expensive and places second on the list of high costs in household expenses,

Walk Scores refers to the walkability of an individual home.  It uses an algorithm to determine points based on distance from a unique address to the closest amenities (shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, basic needs and more). 

Walk Scores reflect what may be a major concern to some prospective homeowners.  Originally started in 2007 Walk Score had a mission to promote walkable neighborhoods as an answer to the problems in environment, health and the economy.  Walk Scores in its most basic sense means location efficiency.  Consider distance and commute time to work, school, shopping and other frequent destinations from the home.  Commuting options in the Walk Score may include walking, biking, driving or public transit.  What is the walkability of the neighborhood and surrounding areas?  Is public transportation easily attainable?  Answers to these questions are then factored into a Walk Score or a numeric walkability score/index that then can be associated with a home’s value.  Several independent studies have shown a correlation to higher home values with above average walkability numbers.

How Walk Score Works


0-24 Car-Dependent: Daily errands do not require a car

25-49 Car-Dependent: Most errands can be accomplished on foot

50-69 Somewhat Walkable: Some errands can be accomplished on foot

70-89 Very Walkable: Most errands require a car

90-100 Walker's Paradise: Almost all errands require a car

Preferences vary depending on the buyer – there are select buyers placing greater value on higher walkability ratings, with others demanding the peace and quiet of the suburbs.  This is where your Choose A Home Team Realtor can be instrumental yet again in helping find you what most suits your needs.

A walk score of 2 could be one families dream location and another families time crippling headache. Families looking for a 2 may grow food, hunt and have 2 freezers in the garage. Now on the other hand a walk score of 80 plus might be for a family with one or no car and takes public transportation everywhere, Fast food or fine dining every night for dinner. Possibly a single person who likes o go out in the evening for a few drinks at a place they can walk to. 

Please, do not be shy with your real estate agent, please make sure he or she knows exactly who you are and what lifestyle you live!