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757 Real Estate For Sale

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757 Real Estate For Sale

Looking For A Home In The Coastal Virginia 757 Area?

Our Team is here to help you, we cover the 757 area from the Virginia Bach Oceanfront to Suffolk

Get in touch with one of our Team Agents Today.

We are very strong with online marketing and you are reading this so that is pretty clear, however contrary to belief the sale or purchase of a home still today is more hands on or as they say a press the flesh business. Online sales have taken over brick and mortar stores and more and more people shop from home.

All to often do we encounter people who have wasted hours upon hours looking online at homes that appear to be for sale. Only to find out they have already been sold or may never be for sale, for example one popular site (however not popular with professionals) shows a long list of pre-foreclosure properties. What does that really mean to the average consumer, well it looks like many homes they might be interested in purchasing. In reality what it means is they are showing pictures of homes that are not and my never be for sale. This gets people's hope up and has them spending many wasted hours on the computer. Let me simplify this a little. If you were pre-dead like me you are very much alive. If you were pre-pregnant well that means your not pregnant. Defining a pre-foreclosure properly would be a property Not For Sale. 

We invite you to arrange a short meeting with one of our Team Agents and let us explain what really is available and how the process works. Years past parents would guide their children through the process as they have done it before. Over the last several years the real estate market has changed significantly to where if you have not been actively working through these changes you are at a huge disadvantage. Our team offers a once a month Free Home Buyer Class  Ready to buy or your a parent that would like to be brought up to speed on the current way real estate is handled, all are welcome up to room capacity. 

Through a lifetime many large purchases are made, Cars, Furniture etc. These are important but a home is one you should consider getting professional help with.

Please share this information with your friends and family.

Thank You,

Our team is here to assist you.

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