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Do You Pay $800 or More in Rent?

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Do You Pay $800 or More in Rent?

Anyone Who is Paying Rent Should Take A Minute And Read This!

Are you tired of living with the landlords rules? 

More often than not people who rent rather then buy a home believe they have no other choice due to income, credit or money for a down payment.

In reality owning a place of your own can be as simple as picking up your phone and asking how to get started. 

People in general hate to be told no or they are to embarrassed to ask for help. A well known fact of life is that if you don't ask you don't get. Our team of Realtors offer a once a month FREE 6 hour class about the home buying process. There are several options available with low to no money down. The bottom line is it will cost you nothing but  choosing one of our Team Members to spend a little time on the phone with and find out what options you may have that you are unaware of.

Some of our clients have gone from renting a room in someones home to buying a home and renting the empty rooms to others, Creating a lower cost of living as an owner. Most however are thrilled to find themselves living where they can paint the walls whatever color they like. Pets by far in our experience is the biggest driving force to owning instead of renting. When you pay rent look at it like you are contributing to the retirement fund of your landlord instead of yourself. Consider sitting in on one of our free home buyer classes.

Start investing in your future make home ownership your foundation.

The Moral of this story is Stop Paying Rent and become a Home Owner!


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