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How important is walkability to you

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How important is walkability to you

The urbanization of today’s Real Estate market is made easier by a new tool that can show you your “walk score.” 

Basically, this is an algorithm that awards points based on the distance to the closest amenity in each of several categories, Scores range from 0-100. For example, if you wanted to know your intended home’s walk score to the grocery store, the gas station, school, or doctor, all these locations are plotted on a map and calculated from your location to determine the score. The higher the number, the more “walkable” the area is. This can also be done for public transportation, biking, or driving. The usefulness of these numbers is another service your Real Estate Agent has access to give you. If you want to live near shopping, nightlife, or the beach this number will give you an idea of its walkability. If you like country living you might pick a home with a low walk score.

  If you need an example of how this works, go to the Choose My Home Website, under the home resources tab and put in the address you are interested in looking up.  This gives you a score that breaks down the location to various amenities. Use this information to guide you in determining if the home you are interested in is right for you. Any home in the areas of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk or Suffolk is listed in this data base. Call any of our Relators for more information.

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