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Coastal Virginia Beach Vacation

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Coastal Virginia Beach Vacation

Vacation at the beach this summer? A family friendly vacation spot - Virginia Beach. 

Virginia Beach is packed with oceanfront hotels along the huge concrete boardwalk with all kinds of Free Entertainment, Parks,Music, Movies for kids on the beach at night, Magic Shows and much more. Then there are many other nearby things for every family member: Charter Fishing, Jet Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Golfing choices including Top Golf, Indoor Skydiving, Para-sailing, as well as Dolphin Tours,  Ocean Breeze Water Park, Go Carting, The Boardwalk Art Show , and many others -  I am sure that I did not include anywhere near all of them.

Now, if by chance the busy boardwalk is not for your family, Virginia Beach has multiple Camp Ground Locations for the budget vacation.  Of course a favorite is, for example,  a Large Private Beach Home where multiple families can share the cost. Some families who live within 200 miles of the beach and go this route, purchase one as a second home and block out the weeks they want for themselves and rent the remaining weeks to other families. This  option makes a great investment for the future by having a low cost place for the family with other families paying your mortgage. If you think about it that is why so many are available for rent. 

January is when reservations start rolling in for the summer, and some guests even reserve the same week for the following year before they go home. Make your reservations early - some places offer early bird discounts!

Have you thought about purchasing a Vacation Beach Home? 

Get in touch with one of our Choose A Home Team Realtors today! We would love to meet with you and show you what is available that fits your needs. Some of our clients like small one or two bedroom condos where the cost is low, and let the family share it at different times during the summer depending on who has time off.  Others, especially those from the DC, Maryland and Richmond area, often buy the larger beach properties at what we refer to in Virginia Beach as the North End (quiet and above the resort strip), Croatan (commonly referred to as the quiet family oriented Locals Beach), Chic's Beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and for those that want to be away from it all, Sandbridge Beach.

Retiring in a few years? Why not buy a second or an investment home at the beach now?


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