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How to remove mineral stains caused by well water

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How to remove mineral stains caused by well water

  Problem Stain Removal

As realtor’s, we get a lot of questions from sellers regarding the best product to remove rust and mineral stains caused by well water. This is important, as a seller wants to present their home for sale in the best possible light. Home  Buyers also when they move to a new home may find unexpected stains caused by rust. Our research and experience has shown that a product called “Rust Stain Remover” by a company called Wink, has shown to be a very effective product for those types of stains. Clients have used this for rust stains in toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, and even clothing stained by rust. We strive to recommend to both our homer sellers and buyers products that have a proven track record. You can read testimonials from satisfied customers at www.wink.com. Happy House Hunting.

  By Sue Maclary

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