The Choose A Home Team of Realtors at Howard Hanna

The Choose A Home Team of Realtors with Howard Hanna

Long serving  Hampton Roads From Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk to Suffolk, Smithfield, Yorktown, Newport News and all other local cities. Howard Hanna, William E. Wood Real Estate Services is the country’s third largest real estate company and tops each of the markets it serves by providing full-service to its clientele from mortgage, title and insurance services.  The family-owned business founded in 1957 as Howard Hanna and The Choose A Home Team are proud of their real estate services and continues to grow in its success by keeping The Goal of  all Howard Hanna Clients realize The American Dream.

Don Maclary - Realtor, Choose A Home Team Leader at Howard Hanna Real Estate

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The Choose A Home Team Of Realtors

  • Have the expertise and objectivity to guide the purchasing and selling process.
  • Have experience with direct-contacts to key service providers and professional network.
  • Have access to qualified buyers.
  • Have reputation of providing excellent customer service so that all clients will refer future business back to their Choose A Home Team Realtor.
  • Have devotion to expending substantial amounts of time and energy – days, weeks and sometimes months toward making certain the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed
  • And most importantly have YOU, their CLIENT and YOUR BEST INTEREST as their PRIORITY.

Undoubtedly each of the real estate skills enacted on behalf of the client alone is valuable, when combined they are more than worth the fee of an agent’s commission – allowing clients to avoid very costly mistakes and the emotional drain that often is associated with these transactions.  In addition, what is often unclear to the public is that commissions are typically paid by the selling side.


The Choose A Home Team’s Licensed Agents in keeping with the company’s mission and vision to provide unparalleled, highest quality professional real estate services through integrity, teamwork, respect, personal excellence and building life-long relationships, undoubtedly display and highlight these key traits.  


Realtor - ABR / Licensed in Virginia



Realtor / Licensed in Virginia



Realtor / Licensed in Virginia



Realtor / Licensed in Virginia



Realtor / Licensed in Virginia



Realtor / Licensed in Virginia


Choose A Home Team members believe in building strong, trusting and lasting relationships with our diverse clientele.  These beliefs are at the heart of how each ChooseAHome Team Member operates and is clearly shown in the numerous interactions with our buyers and sellers.  As REALTORS, we are ever mindful of our responsibility to protect our clients’ best interests in each transaction taking into account their unique needs. 

Choose A Home Team’s enthusiastic approach to serving all of our customers whether they are buying or selling for broad-ranging reasons such as being a First-Time Home Buyer, Relocation due to job change/personal obligations, Retirement, Military Transfers, Right-Sizing Up for a growing family or Right-Sizing Down for new empty-nesters, or Just Because you just want a new pad is consistent and genuine.  Our one-on-one customer service is what differentiates our agents and why the Choose A Home Team has been and continues to be why we are so successful.  Taking care of business is important, but more significantly it is the people we serve that make everything worth our time and why we work so tirelessly.  We believe in the phrase “Clients for Life” as it is central to why we do what we do each day on behalf of our clients who place their trust in us.  Our “Clients for Life” refer loved ones and friends our way because of the caring, professional attention we have given them so that their friends and families can receive the best quality real estate services and experience the same best-in class customer services that our clients have become used to from us.  We strive to make lasting memories and facilitate the increase of home ownership so that as many people can embrace the opportunity of finally claiming a house as “My Home”.


The Choose A Home Team serves the very expansive and diverse area of Tidewater/Hampton Roads.  Our top-level team of real estate agents is experts in the territories of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Newport News and all the way to Yorktown and Williamsburg. 

It is well known that we have the largest U.S. Naval base stationed right in our backyard.  As a result, our agents have developed strong relationships with active duty and retired members of the armed forces.  Our team includes a former career navy spouse who is sensitive to the unique exigencies of the military family.  Further, it means our team members are dedicated to serving the amazing men and women who have served our country.  We know what their challenges are and are mindful to their real world demands which prompts us to work even harder to minimize  real estate transactional stress that arise during the buying and selling processes.